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The Energy Movement



We believe that if we’d all do what we really want to do, instead of what outside world demands from us, we would live in perfect harmony. The whole world will benefit from it, if everybody develops their unique set of skills and tune into their highest potential. But due to how our society is shaped at this moment, with all the (media) information, work demand and schoolsystems coming at us, it can be quite a challenge to stay connected to ourselves and what we want to achieve in life. What really makes us happy. We start making decisions from just our mind instead of our heartfelt desires. 

Or, we dó know what we truly want, but we don’t have the energy, focus or confidence to go for it. 

This is where The Energy Movement comes in. We are here to get as much people as we can to DANCE again. Especially here in the West where we are very much aware of our 'heads' but sometimes forget we have a body!

Why Dance? Dancing gives you energy like nothing else. It releases great chemicals in your brain like serotonine and testosteron, giving you happiness, self-confidence, focus and vigorousness. Dance is a total work out! Doing it half an hour a day stimulates your fat burning system, lowers chances to migraine, makes you feel less tired and for women it reduces the pms complaints.

Dancing is the best for your creativity; while moving you are making new connections in your brain, literally and figuratively becoming a more flexible person. Like this you can handle any daily life problem coming at you with grace and stance.

Experience our Revolutionary dance events.

The Energizer Classes/Intermezzo's and The RAVE Party's are dance playgrounds where you can do your own moves. They are always guided or mc’d and dj’d by Professional Dancers. We certainly don’t give dance steps, therefor you don’t have to think or worry, we will just give the perfect beats and inspiring movement tools to get your engine going. Also if you are a bit nervous to try it, our guidance will take total care of that, before you know it, you’ll be effortlessly moving your body in ways you probably have never imagined. 

Dancing at The Energy Movement is mad fun, while completely balancing you out at the same time. You’ll feel joyful, energized and regenerated and after our alcohol and drug free RAVE Party there will be no hangover. At your work you’ll feel focused, confident and creative, you’ll have a clear and positive mind. 

We help you to let the energy in your body flow again in places where it was stuck and was causing blockages and stress.

Our events are the ultimate physical outlet, where you don’t have to do anything and cán do everything! You have enough responsibilities at your job or other aspects in your life. This is the place where you will totally let go. You’ll completely destress and the more you experience this, the more you will take it into other aspects of your life, leading to better work results and help you create the life you want.

Enough reason to join the Movement and Get On The Dance Floor! 

Let’s DANCE.

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The Energizer

A guided dance class of 1.5hour, from your thinking head to your feeling and moving body. Through breathing, improvisation, visualisations, different dance-techniques and the unstoppable groove of the music, we keep expanding our bodyawareness and making a party with all the participants!


The Wild Party - a dance event where we guide you in 3h trip to let go, from your mind to your body and to do your own dance, from your head to your toes! 
The first hour is a collective Energizer class, after its free dancing on the best beats. To close off we have a chill down so your energy can settle in.



"Whatever happens...we need to **** DANCE TOGETHER! Thanks to the Energy Movement for this amazing RAVE"


About us


Feadan McCall is a graduated dancer at the Amsterdam School of Performing Arts (2015) and is working now as a performing dancer, choreographer and teacher. She worked amongst others with company's as AYA, ISH and Alida Dors. In 2015 Reve and Feadan started with giving Energizer Classes at the Bewustzijn School in Amsterdam.
In the Energy Movement Feadan is co-founder, DJ and Movement director/guider.

"The Energy Movement is for me a platform where we can BE and from there TRANSFORM. The Energizer is a place where you can research your own dance movements and free your energy by using your breath, working with visualisations, dancetools and, ofcourse the unstoppable groove of the music. The Rave is a party expercience what feels safe enough to be completely yourself, where you can share, connect and party hard with people. There is no need to use alcohol or drugs to fly high. Music is for me a important aspect in the Energy Movement and a big love of my life. Music helps create the atmosphere and can help make the shift from living from the head to working from the body, heart and energy.
A year ago i started DJ'ing, with the goals to mix in this way, that the music will help make the shifts inside people possible."



Revé Terborg travels the world with different danceproductions and performances. She did her study JazzMusicaldance at the Amsterdam School of Performing Arts and dances amongst others with UltimaVez/Wimvandekeybus and Arno Schuitemaker. In 2015 she started giving the Energizer classes at the Bewustzijn School, together with Feadan. Here she mixes her big love for music, movement and partys. In the Energy Movement Reve is co-founder,  Movement director/guider/MC.

"Growing up I was very responsible, quite shy, did everything according the rules. Being super sensitive and aware of other people feelings, I shaped myself constantly into someone that was pleasant for other people to be around with. - Until I started dancing. Dancing brought out the, as I call it: Gangster, animalistic, determined, focused, don’tmesswithme side of myself. This is exactly what I want to share by bringing The Energy Movement into life. The Energy Movement is all about no rules, dance playgrounds where you don’t have to do anything and cán do everything, so you can be and experience the fullest expression of yourself. That’s my wish for every-body!"


" Like I'm on vacation!"


Lucinda Wessels is a very talented and skilled artist from Amsterdam on the field of performance, teachings and choreographing. After she graduated in 2010 at the Art & Entertainment College Amsterdam she did her first tv-debut in the Ultimate Dance Battle. After that she choreographed for So You Think You Can Dance while touring with the worldwide known production Blaze the Show and taught dance at Global Dance Centre.
She now also is a teacher at Lucia Marthas, initiates projects with Artbeat Amsterdam and is one of the core-members of the Energy Movement, where she DJ's and guides people in movement.


Sanja Javor studied Psychology, she graduated at the Bonger Institute for Criminology where she studied harddrugs and the underground scene in Amsterdam nightlife. Entrepreneurship was her passion and minor. Next to this she did different trainings to become a Bio-resonance therapist and Kundalini Yoga teacher. She organises dance-events, like at the Energy Movement, concerts and stand-up comedy.

"The Energy Movement is the new age. Its invites you to be yourself (without external substances) and to express yourself, to experience your energy, to release, to integrate. It will move you to your heart - there where love is and creation happens. Its a place only you can experience, it is your encounter. After a Rave or an Energizer you will come 'home', in a stata, a flow, where everything will be created from your heart. Exactly what the world longs for at this moment. I am, by now, specialised in following the flow, the energy.. and the energy wants to move, flow, dance, create, vibrate in the highest frequency and shine! My duty is to make this possible and to manifest it."