Revé's Personal Story! Less Thinking, More Movement

People’s pleaser                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Growing up I was very responsible, quite shy, did everything according the rules. Being super sensitive and aware of other people feelings, I shaped myself constantly into someone that was pleasant for other people to be around with. Exhausting and it led me to not always follow my own wishes. Many times I didn't even know what my own wishes were anymore! I think I’ve let a lot of joyful experiences, or at least the sense of really being alive, pass me by, by taking in account other people’s needs or what others would think of me. 

Assumptions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I had this with boys, even when I sensed that they were interested in me as well, I would think: ’I can’t date this guy because my friend here also likes him and she told me before I told her,’ or ‘I can’t date that guy because he is the ex of this girl I know, what will she think of me.’ I would always give space to other people’s feelings before mine.                                                                   I think I would’ve even started to dance professionally sooner, If only I had dared to tell my mom it was actually my biggest wish to do dance classes instead of all those other hobby’s I was doing. She put me on judo, i think to get me a bit more assertive and able to defend myself. While it probably would've been the most confidence-boosting act if I had told her my wish.

My mom is the best, the sweetest person, a very good listener and my number one fan. I could’ve easily told her I wanted to dance, but at that time, due to circumstances, my overthinking head was assuming it would bother her. That was the strong belief that I had. That my own wishes were a burden to other people. That they would take up the space of other people. And also: do I really deserve to follow that longing? Or should I just be happy with what I have now?

Letting the ‘Gangster’ out                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Until I started dancing. Dancing brought out the, as I call it: Gangster, animalistic, determined, focused, don’tmesswithme side of myself. Also being in a room with other people doing the same cool thing, letting their Gangster out as well, yet with smiles on their faces, reinforced the joy and energy and the sense that I was at the right spot. I felt complete, seen, way less anxious, started to trust myself and finally felt at home on this planet called earth. I could handle the things I had to do  in daily life with ease, light and humor. This is exactly what I want to share by bringing The Energy Movement into life.

Reclaim your Energy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dancing gets you in touch with your self and body without overanalyzing too much. It releases great chemicals in your brain like serotonine and testosteron. This gives you happiness, self-confidence and clarity! Dancing is great for your creativity; you’ll make new connections in your brain and, for all of you working behind a laptop all day: dancing is awesome for your energy and body posture! You immediately recognize a dancer on the streets with their straight up stance and their graceful and flexible way of moving. Dance is fun, especially with like minds and it has a great impact on the rest of your life. The more you practice it, the more you will take the creativity, freedom and vigorousness you get from it into any other situation. It’s exactly what you need to connect to your goals and desires and go for making them come true! 

I believe that if we’d all go for our deepest wishes and create our ultimate life, there will be enough for everybody and we cán live in harmony. 

Now I can appreciate the highly sensitive side of myself very much. It’s very cool to know what kind of vibes are going on in a room when you enter it, this what my skills in The Energy Movement are based on. And who isn't a sensitive person anyway?! We all feel! But it’s great to still stay connected to yourself. The best you can do for others is being an inspiring and uplifting person, one that is genuinely happy and comfortable in their own skin. That will stimulate others to go for their happiness aswell. 

The Energy Movement is all about no rules, dance playgrounds where you don’t have to do anything and can do everything, so you can be and experience the fullest expression of yourself. That’s my wish for every-body! 

Join The Movement                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Come and experience The Energizer - dance class, and The RAVE -  a revolutionary dance party without alcohol or any other external substances, but with rousing beats, dance performances and lots of movement inspiration. These events are always taught by or mc’d and dj’d by professional dancers.                                                                                                                 Because of our dance experience we know exactly what music to put on to get you moving from your guts and we have many movement tools we can share with you to expand your body and mind. We want to share with you the sense of freedom that comes through dancing, so we certainly don’t give dance steps, just guidance. You do your own dance, as you should <3. 

Therefore dancing, especially at The Energy Movement, is the ultimate stress-buster. You release a lot of tension, you don’t have to worry about steps, we’ll guide you to feel where there are blockages in your body and release them by moving. Especially for the people who hesitate or still worry about how they would look; let our guidance take care of that, our beats and movement inspiration will transform your thoughts into pure energy! We do it with all the love and care we have inside us, there is no judgement on our dance floors! 

Interested in The Energizer/RAVE as the start of your teams working day, an intermezzo on your conference days, as a part of your retreat, your team building day or any other situation? We are happy to think with you for the best possible package! We give Energizer's from 5 minutes on already.

You can check all the info on and leave us a note there or contact us on 

Open Energizer Class: Every Sunday from 10.30 until 12.00 at Chassé Dance Studios. Chasséstraat 64, Amsterdam. Check chassé to register.

The RAVE Dance Event: every 4th Saturday of the Month from 22.45 until 02.00 at Conscious Vegan Art Ship Odessa. Veemkade 259, Amsterdam. Including Hot Tub and Sauna on deck. Check our website or  

<3 Revé Terborg, professional Dancer, Model, (Film&video-) Choreographer and Co-Founder of The Energy Movement.