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The Rave

Wild Party - a dance event where we guide you in a 3h trip to let go, from your mind to your body and to do your own dance, from your head to your toes! 
The first 45 minutes, we do a collective Energizer warm-up class, after that, it’s free dancing on the best beats. To close it off we have a chill down so your energy can settle in. Guided and dj’d by professional dancers.

Would you like to Rave? At work, at home, outside, inside out.. 

  • individuals:
    freedom, confidence, playground.

  • business: team building, out of the box thinking, stress releasing,  creativity, inspiration

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Energy Movement at de Nieuwe Yogaschool Amsterdam

Energy Movement at de Nieuwe Yogaschool Amsterdam


the Energizer 

A guided dance class or dance intermezzo from your thinking head into your feeling and moving body. Through breath, improvisation, visualisations, different dance-techniques and the continious groove of the music, we keep expanding our bodyawareness while having fun and making it party with all participants! We provide them from 5 minutes to one and a half hour! Whatever suits your wishes best.

  • Open classes:
    - Sundays at Chasse Dance Studio's Amsterdam: 10.30-12.00 hours.

  • Private solo and group classes, CongrESs intermezzo’s, a start of your working day, corporate team building

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Customised performances

hire us to choreograph your own customised performance

  • danced by professional dancers

  • danced by your family, friends, collegues or.. you

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